First of all I want to share my opinion about confidence….confidence doesn’t mean to start dancing infront of peoples or take the phone number of a girl\boy or start talking to a complete stranger…it is not confidence IT IS BOLDNESS .. what confidence really mean is to stay calm at critical situation & to prove YOURSELF to YOURSELF & to this WORLD that you can do everything, not to get discourage after a failure but to try again and again until you get your desired results…

Now lets get back to topic HOW CAN WE BECOME CONFIDENT PERSON actually it all depends on us wether we realize it now or after 10 years. The process or should I say THE WAY is very easy .. JUST BE YOURSELF STOP COPYING OTHERS .. recognize your worth don’t take shit if someone doesn’t recognize your worth its his/her lost why do you need to take tension ? just chill and relax .. replace hate and bad memories by setting new goals in your life by setting new goals add new words like ‘ I CAN , I WILL , I MUST in your life dictionary and don’t forget to discard old words like ‘ I MIGHT , I THINK , I OUGHT ‘ ..

I have an example of an advertise of a drink DEW in which a person said ‘ urhna chahta tha hamesha say loog kehtay thay nahi hosakta …raasta mushkil tha laikin main koshish karta raha agay barhta raha aur main nay jaanlia kay jo loog kehtay hain k nahi hosakta who mujhey jaantay nahi ‘ the main thing which counts is self recognition if you find yourself in you than nothing will make you backdown…try to be optimistic don’t tell your God how big your problem is..just tell your problem how big your God is …..

Remember confidence is gain from 4 things :

  1. Self trust : only I can do this job .
  2. Hope : everything will gonna be fine even the diamond suffer the pain of heat.
  3. Hard work : the more I work hard , the more fast I will reach my destiny .
  4. Faith : keep your faith strong on GOD that no matter what happen he is with you .

Before ending I want to share share some quotations from the movie LORD OF THE RING :

  • All that glitter is not gold.
  • Not all who wander are lost
  • The old that is strong doest not wither
  • Deep roots are not reached by frost
  • From the ashes a fire shall be woken
  • A light from the shadow shall spring
  • Renewed shall be blade that was broken
  • The crownless again shall be king



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