The Biggest Traitor of Pakistan: MEDIA

What ever you are watching on a Pakistani TV channel or on some international channel, you see the same picture; that Pakistan may be taken over by Taliban. Baluchistan is burning in fire etc etc….

When we analyze all this situation we come to know that there is a planned disinformation game that is being played with Pakistan. Pakistani media is purposfully discussing these core issues and elaborating issues out of context. Pakistani media is letting people of Pakistan realize that Pakistan is not a stable country, its going to collapse and bla bla…… every time showing the negative and bad image of Pakistan. Just showing disturbance.

Why are they doing so?? the answer is very simple……. they are just making the mind of Pakistanis that if some thing bad happens to Pakistan, people do not resist as they already knew that the circumstances in Pakistan were bad and it was expected to happen.

All the media giants of Pakistan are considered to be foreign funded. they in the name of freedom of speech providing a dis service to Pakistan.

people of Pakistan are very emotional, almost half of the population is illetarte, they cannot understand and analyze the mischieves made to them…. so they accept what ever is shown to them on television.

the recently elected democratic government is a bundle of corrupt leaders facing a long wall of China of Corrutption. they are not in a position to put any restriction on media, so no one is here to control these mad bulls…

let us do not present Pakistan as a failure to Pakistanis…… Do not care about the foreigners, we first have to let the Pakistanis know and understand their potential and the significance of Pakistan for them, let them tell, Don’t be so commercial and mean when it comes to PAKISTAN


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