Today’s situation , Blame no one else but our own selves

Dear brothers and sisters!

I would like to raise a fact that we all neglect, ignore while living our lives anywhere in the world. It is regarding the today’s extremely hostile condition of Muslims all over the world especially if we look into our country and its foreign and internal threats. Today, if we look into our social problems, we can find ourselves surrounded in so many issues like, inflation, electricity crises, food crises, poverty, increases of oil prices,(internal)…and (in International arena), terrorism, ,drone attacks, mass killing, system failures and every where ciaos it seems . In its return, we are making different excuses as we have the habit of blaming others for all the bad and putting ourselves on top for anything good happens.

Today we are blaming, US , Taliban, etc. for the terror attacks, destruction, unidentified militants for violation of peace. For the inflation, food problem, oil, electricity, water, everything else, we easily blame the government. While cruising one and other, we neglects the fact that, the reason we are being In this position is not because of some one else but when we look into, we finds no one is guilty then our own selves.

The importance of Quran in our daily lives is because it teaches us the exact lesson from the lives of Allah’s chosen prophets who had many difficult times then what we are having now. Yet, how they reacted to it, it is worth learning.

When people in boat with Prophet Younus (A.S,) [Jonah], who threw him out of the boat, and latter, a big wale swallowed him. What he has said? Did he blame the people of the boat? That may God destroy them, because of those people, I have been thrown into the ocean, oh God ! Punish them, not me. Or did he blame the Wale who swallowed him? That, Oh God! Curse the wale and destroy it, who has taken me into itself.

NO!the lesson Quran teaches, that he was sincere to himself, he new that it is not anyone’s mistake but his own self, and later he said sorry in one of the most supreme manner, mentioned in the , Quran,

(There is no other GOD but Allah and he is most merciful, but I am the one who have been cruel to my own self.) [21:87]

And from the story of Prophet Adam (A.S).He was told not to take a fruit from the tree, but he did, but actually it was his wife who asked him to take, as she was herself diverted by Satan which made Adam to pluck out the fruit from the tree. But when Adam was punished and was send to earth for the given time (this life), he cried a lot on what he has done. So, what he did? Did he argue Allah to punish his wife who made her do that, or has he said, punish Satan who misguided them? No! He was also sincere to himself and straightaway asks forgiveness considering himself along with his wife, who was the wrong doers, and prayed.

“Our Lord ! we have wronged ourselves. If you forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surly we are of the lost.” [7:23]

These are two of the many lesson Quran teaches us , we need to look into ourselves, see how much we are indulged in, telling lies ,backbites , frauds , adultery , and many haram (prohibited) things we do , and when we get problems because of our own actions, instead of being sorry for what we do, we feel comfortable, relax, enjoy. Consider following religion, is my personal matter, no one can ask me or help me (saving me from hell’s fire) , but when it comes to have Chill, party, concerts, clubbing, many of the people likes not to share, but to take them for having fun. But when God stretches our rope we start blaming, every other person, every other party, other leaders, US, Government, all other second or third party except the one who needs to be blamed first , that is our own selves .

Muslim means the one who Obays , today many of us are such, that what God ask us to Obay like five times pray in a day, make relationship with opposite gender in halal manner (that is marriage) , take care of poor, etc, We do not DO. And those which God ordered us, “NOT TO DO” do not tell lie, do not have close relationship with opposite gender (bf /gf), do not do Interest based financial activates, we all are busy in them. Still call ourselves, Obayer (mulims).

Therefore unless we do not correctly blame ourselves, there is no way we go to changing our selves, which is the main cause of our social and personal problems. May Allah make us think about it, and may we be sincere to ourselves and our actions and get his forgiveness ,Please share this with others as well, may Allah accepts our efforts, Ameen.

(Lectured by Shiekh Khalid Yasin , original link )


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