Raw backing Taliban

Arrested Afghan fighter reveals… RAW agents active in FATA unrest F.P. Report

“PARACHINAR: An Afghan fighter who was recently arrested by the local people has revealed that Indian RAW agents have been actively involved in the ongoing Taliban movement in FATA for fufilling thier own agenda. According to details this and many more secrets were revealed by him in front of representatives of civil society and mediamen at kurram Agency at Village Bugzai, the strongest hold of Taliban millitants. The arrested person told his name is Paayow Gul Mengal and he belongs to Paktia province of Afghanistan.

He further disclosed that he had come to Kurram Agency as fighter to fight for the Jihad along with Taliban.But he was caught by the brave local tribals of Kurram Agency. Mengal said that he and his family received two thousand US dollars per month from one of the centre of India in Paktia province.

He further said that he has already fought Jihad as partner with Taliban in Waziristan and Bajaur Agency prior to his third attempt to fight for Jihad in Kurram Agency against a particular sect but he was caught red handed this time. Mengal said, “I salute to the bravery of local population of Kurram Agency who are fighting with armed Lashkars from Waziristan,Kyber,Orakzai,Bajaur and other parts of FATA with addition to southren districts of NWFP and Khost plus Paktia province of neighbouring Afghanistan.

Paayow Gul Mengal further revealed that Taliban Tehrik Pakistan leadership and policies are actualy governed by India and that on Pak-Afghan border from Kurram, Khyber, Bajaur to Chaman in Balochistan dozens of Indian RAW centres are active both in Afghanistan and Pakistan where fighters are trained for Jihad, he added.

After these secrets gained from the RAW agents and many more documents and weapons recovered from the Taliban the local tribals said that our law enforcing agencies are silent spectator and failed to stop the armed Lashkar of Taliban millitants from other parts of FATA, Southren districts of NWFP with addition to Khost and Paktia Province of Afghnistan. The local tribals also showed suicide jackets and drugs used for addiction by Taliban militants with addition to heavy weapons.

Later on Payyow Gul Mengal was released according to tribal traditions as the man who lays down weapons and request for his life with addition to respect of holy month of Ramazan. The local tribals allowed him to go home when he assured that he will never do such act of terrorism again.



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