To Defeat India, Understand The Mindset

India follows the ‘Chankaya’ Ideology.’ that all of India’s neighbors are its enemies. And all of the neighbors of India’s neighbors are India’s friends. This was the first time in Pakistan that the private Pakistani media countered the Indian media warfare. The Indians admit this. Sadly, as always, Pakistan has lost ground at the diplomatic front.
By Talha Mujaddidi
Tuesday, 23 December 2008.

KARACHI, PakistanWe need to understand that the Indian foreign policy, military and intelligence doctrine work on ‘Chankya’s ideology.’

The synopsis of that ideology is that all of India’s neighbors are its enemies. And all of the neighbors of India’s neighbors are India’s friends. That’s why India has bad relations with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and even Bhutan. India has always had very good relations with Afghanistan, Iran, and Russia.

Chankya ideology also states clearly that India is the super power of the region (Bharat Mata), and all its neighboring countries are its proxies or satellites. This is from where the rhetoric of regional economic bloc, regional zone and South Asian economic zone originates from.

After the Mumbai attacks India has started exerting tremendous pressure on Pakistani government. Pakistani government on the other hand has shown amazing weakness in dealing with this critical situation. This was the first time in Pakistan that the private Pakistani media countered the Indian media warfare while the state-run media (PTV+APP) were weak. Times of India, The Hindu, and other Indian newspapers had to acknowledge that the Indian media onslaught was ripped apart by Pakistani media. Sadly, as always, Pakistan has lost ground at the diplomatic front. This has been Pakistan’s failure since Tashkent Agreement. This is because of our incompetent and corrupt governments. India has cornered us diplomatically, and is pressurizing us militarily. They enjoy the sympathies of U.S. and the rest of the world.

What are the main objectives of India, Israel, and U.S.?

With regards to Pakistan, these three countries form a nexus. They want to finish off our nuclear program, disband our eyes and ears i.e. the ISI; break Pakistan into three or four smaller parts since it is easier to govern a country with 180 million people if its broken down into smaller pieces, disband our army, make Pakistan a satellite state of India, just like Nepal or Bangladesh.

India is now a strategic ally of U.S. India is moving its troops into Afghanistan, so that it can corner Pakistan from both fronts. U.S. wants Indian troops to support its troops in Afghanistan against Taliban. The intelligence arm of any country is the nation’s first line of defense. It’s the eyes and ears without which any military force can’t function. All western and Indian propaganda against ISI is baseless and ridiculous. All officers of ISI are taken from the armed forces. There can be no political appointee. Whereas the Indian RAW has political appointees. The Hindu fundamentalist government of BJP back in the 1990s inducted political appointees into RAW en masse. If ISI is disbanded Pakistan will become an easy target for Indian military. The important thing to keep in mind for all the Pakistani peaceniks, pacifists, and candle light vigilantes and artists like Sameena Pirzada and others is that the peace process between India and Pakistan only started after Pakistan became a declared nuclear power. That is when India understood that war between two nuclear power countries is no longer an option. That’s when confidence building measures, trade links, cultural exchanges, sports, took place. As long as Pakistan was not a declared nuclear weapon state India maintained a threatening attitude towards Pakistan. Without nuclear weapons I can say confidently that India will leave no chance to annihilate us.

The problem with Western experts on South Asia is that they don’t understand the dynamics of Pakistan-India conflict. The root cause of conflict between Pakistan and India is Kashmir. Without the resolution of this conflict permanent peace between India and Pakistan cannot be achieved. There is peace in Europe today because they have resolved their problems and disputes and all countries treat each other with equal respect. Not to forget that two brutal world wars were fought in Europe that completely devastated Europe. After such devastation Europe got together and realized that mutual peace is must for coexistence. Peace between two countries can only be on equal terms. The U.S and Soviet Union were able to co-exist because both had nuclear weapons. If Pakistan is destabilized then it’s not possible that India will remain intact and enjoy exponential growth rates.

When experts come on TV and say that extremists on both sides don’t want peace, this is utter rubbish. Only extremists in India don’t want peace with Pakistan! Why? Because in order for Pakistan and India to have lasting peace, Kashmir dispute must be resolved according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people. Does anyone in Pakistan not want resolution of Kashmir dispute? No. Is there anyone in India who doesn’t want resolution of Kashmir? Yes, their military establishment, their foreign policy establishment, BJP led extremist parties, and a majority of the Indian people. Why do they not want the resolution of Kashmir dispute? Firstly, they call it their internal issue and say it is our ‘Atut Ang’ [integral part]. Secondly, there are so many independence movements going on inside India that they can’t afford setting an example of Kashmiri independence. Recall that India functions on Bharat Mata ideology and they will never give up Kashmir. Everyone in Pakistan is ready to resolve the Kashmir dispute so it’s baseless to say that hawkish elements in Pakistan do not want good relations with India. RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, and even members of BJP have openly said again and again that Pakistan must be destroyed. These are not just small groups; these parties have formed governments in India.

Writer is a Communications Engineer, and independent analyst based in Karachi, Pakistan. He can be reached at tamujadd AT

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