Decide yourself

Nahi Hai Na Umeed Iqbal Apni Kisht-e-Veeran Se
Zara Namm Ho To Yeh Mitti Bari Zarkhez Hai Saaqi
Pakistan is on its Decisive Turn !! The decision time is not for the Leaders but for the People, the Youth. Its time , instead of raising our fingers towards our leaders and government ,we should change ourselves because its of no use to point out on the leaders because they are blind,deaf and dumb. They listen but they don’t. They are traitors, so leave them as they are, but still you can change your Pakistan by changing something very important, always remember that “The Only Change We Need Is The Change In The Attitude of People of Pakistan Toward Their Country”, so the first and the most thing you need is to change your attitude towards Pakistan, change in your thinking.
You need to change the negative thoughts into the positive thoughts, stop making FUN of your country stop speaking Negative ,stop blaming your country. My talk will be a long one and I will divide it into parts.
All Pakistanis know that Jinnah’s Theory was “Unity Faith Discipline”.
Here 1st I will be Talking About Discipline.
There is a big problem with us people, we call ourselves disciplined but many of us are not. Ask yourself how many of you follow the Country Rules ???
We pay bribe,violate traffic signals,throw trash on roads and blah blah.
On a Little level Just Promise that you will follow these things.
1. Follow Traffic Rules, follow signal even if you are alone on the road.
2. Never Throw trash on road or streets , always throw it in dustbin.
3. Accept a Chalan but never bribe a Traffic Police .
4. Maintain a Civic sense.
These are the very few basic thing , and not all that you all need to maintain to be called yourself a Disciplined Citizen of a Disciplined Country.
By reading this your are making promise to yourselves that you will abide by these rules.
Will Continue my Discussion next time InshaAllah.
Zindabad Pakistan.
Allah Hafiz for now


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