Media , Pakistan and People

The world we are living in is the world of Media ,media has shadowed all over the world, irrespective which field , Entertainment , Politics, Education, Religion.
The point is that what role Our very own Pakistani media is playing.People in our media has been chanting “Freedom of Media” , and besides this Freedom there is a Complete Black Picture. I will blame some channels , the most popular channels for spreading Frustration ,destroying our culture , moral values. I will speak openly channels like GEO ,ARY AJJ and some other channels.
Take the examples of just for now GEO and ARY only , GEO has been the most popular channel among the people from every class of Pakistan .. do u knw Y ??? Because it was the first channel that try to cover every news and they showed the culture of Pakistan by broadcasting their news purely in Urdu , at starting there performance was nice and appreciative but as they have now gained popularity and support ,they r now spreading their agenda and all of the crap stuff.
Our New Channels does not touch our core issues that are EDUCATION, POVERTY,HEALTH and all the main issues ,instead we are interested in watching programs involved in POLITICAL DEBATES, scenes from Bombings, CJP Issues , Shareef Brothers Issue , Adlia Bahaal , Judges Bahaal , Shareef Bahaal , ok Good, all are bahaal , Media covered all these issue with great responsibility but u ppl tell me R THESE REALLY AN ISSUE ??? Are these the problems of common men ??? No its not OUR problem, our problem is EDUCATION , POVERTY ,HEALTH …
Why media never come to these issues ,y donot solve these issues ..?
Why we are never shown the Developments in the field of Education ?
Why we always see only CRIME news? Why dont we get to know about developments in the Health sector ??
We watch the Programs like “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain “, y? .Answer : Its Fun. Okay Fun is not a bad thing but do u really knw that our channels are watchable throughout many countries ?? So by broadcasting these type of programs we are telling other people that “Hey make fun of us”…”Laugh on Us”..,”We are a failed state” ..”We are ununited laugh on use” …we are not just making fun of our ownselves (Thats not a bad thing” , but we are letting others to do that.
We c the Drama people on this media everywhere spreading the news in such a manner that u people becomes to frustrate, y we are not shown the beauty of Pakistan,the beauty of its people .
Besides all these GEO and ARY are also promoting Indian Media , their language , culture ,…tell me wats the need of showing Indian Movies and Awards on EID ???? Does it make sense ?? Believe me ppl GEO and ARY are promoting Indian Culture in Pakistan by Broadcasting Indian Drama,Entertainment ,Movies,Stage Shows .at the time of Mumbai Attacks when the two countries were in Tension , Indian Media Ban the Pakistani MEdia and GEO and ARY were still broadcasting there shows and movies ??? Y is it that ?? Look at the Dramas aired by these two channels amd talking about some Pakistani Dramas , they totally represent Indian style Dramas by wearing Saris and Wearing Indian Makeup .
We Believe in what media says, but be aware that OUR media is NOT OUR MEDIA , its one of the greatest Conspiracy against Pakistan.
Remember Frustrating News, No Positive News, Not Touching Core Issues, Only Crime News,Promoting Indian Culture and Media, and falsifying the positive development…thats our media (NOT ALL CHANNELS) ……look and analyse yourself ,u will find each of my word correct , as a Pakistani I wish I could change the negative thoughts about Pakistan and I want you ppl to help me in this regard.


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