Unity? Pffft…Who needs it! Hypocrisy shall reign supreme

It has been 62 Years since the Quaid created this State. A State he envisioned to be run on those 3 principles.
Fast forward 62 years to today – Right now. The country is at War within itself and never has our lack of Unity been so obvious. As the Army continues its operation against militants in the Swat valley to cleanse this Nation of the plague of Terrorism that has so woefully infested it we are witnessing another crisis in the making.
Nearly 1.5 million people have had to leave their homes amidst the bloody battles being fought in the Frontier. 1.5 million people who belong to the poorer class of Pakistan – People who have nowhere else to go. 1.5 million people have had to settle into IDP Camps which resemble ghetto’s. Camps which so far have proved inadequate to handle the influx of refugees. And as the battle for Swat rages on each day Political figureheads shout out their unequivocal support of the Government and the Army in this war – Along with pledging unanimous solidarity for those who have turned up as collateral in this war.
But that solidarity never truly exists in their hearts for their fellow Pakistanis. “The IDPs can cause trouble for the province just like the Afghan refugees. So, we have decided not to permit their entry or setting up of camps for them in the Punjab,” says a statement from the Punjabi Provincial Government. Where is that support for our “Pakistani brothers” now? Comparing refugees from Swat to Afghanis?
“If IDP’s are allowed into Sindh; the Sindhi’s will be reduced to a minority,” says the JSQM. Is it as simple as that? The Sindhi population within Sindh is more important than the welfare of 1.5 million Pakistanis? Is it more important than the well being of 1.5 humans? Humans we call our brothers and “express solidarity” with?
Is this the limit of our Patriotism? Our love for this country and all those within it?Almost 62 years since this Nation was founded and throughout those 62 years, we have not been able to except our fellow citizens as equals. 38 years on from the fall of Dhaka and we keep repeating our same mistakes. We still keep discriminating among our own. We lost half the Nation in our arrogance and our petulance; our refusal to except the Bengali’s as equals and we have never learnt since. Our leaders, our people – We all scream in support of this war. Our hearts weaken when we seen images of those forced out of their homes and into camps which now resemble Ghetto’s – Yet when they need our help – We staunchly refuse to help them. We turn a blind eye to our brothers in need.
In our petulance and arrogance we continue along this doomed path; discriminating against our own brethren. And then we curse the West for their spite. Pity thy Nation.
Yelmaz Mujtaba


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