Resident Evil Part 4 Bio hazard ? another attempt to make fun of Prophet muhammad (p.b.u.h)

Assalam O Alaikum

I wana share something with you people..

My friend was playing the Game “Resident Evil Part 4 Bio hazard” it is awesome game in playability, graphics, A game by “Cap com Production Studio 4”

It was nice going, but when i came in last round it was quite shocked for me, when hero meets Villon he ask him what is this all, then Villon replies “THIS IS A NEW RELIGION” and there was a gate same like the gate of “MASJID-E-NABWI” and in that gate there is Villon of the game. (NaozoBillah)

My friend has taken snapshot of this, (enclosed)
May ALLAH curse them all, I request the game loving people to boycott this game,

I have attached that snapshot (just zoom it you will note the same i did)

further i have no words to say 😦

Yea tumhare nahi ho sakta jab tak tum aon k din per iman na le ao…

MAY ALLAH help us…


original masjid-e-nabwi gate

from the game


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