5 Points That Destroy India’s Latest Fairytale


PESHAWAR, Pakistan—In 1988, Indian Navy and commandos took only 24 hours to storm Mamoon Abdul Quyum’s palace in the Maldives when it was taken over by rebels and eliminated the rebels within another 24 hours.
But in Mumbai, it India 60 hours to eliminate ten terrorists equipped only with KKs. The entire drama seems to be well scripted like Bollywood/Hollywood movies. On one side they blame ISI for planning, executing the whole episode and on the other hand they blame ISI for committing silly mistakes and leaving behind incriminating evidence to be picked up by the Indian intelligence so it could find easy links to Karachi/Pakistan.

Some other India lies include:

  1. Indians failed to detect movement of the alleged merchant ship from Karachi and then its off loading of passengers at high sea.
  1. These 10 daredevils traveled in rubber dinghies up to Bombay shores unnoticed. Was the Indian coastal defense system asleep?
  2. The terrorists waded through the marshes of Bombay coastline, reached the road network, hijacked police vehicles, divided themselves in three groups and then headed for their targets in the posh localities of Bombay, and EVERYTHING GOES UNNOTICED.
  3. Like precision guided missiles these terrorists reach their targets and take over heavily guarded two 5-star hotels, dodging the security system of the entire city of Bombay and the internal security system of these 5-star hotels and the Jewish center also.
  4. They fight it out with Indian commandos for 3 days and all but one is killed. The Indians claim that he is ISI sponsored. If we believe the Indian storyline, it defies logic. How can a professional spy agency like ISI commit the following mistakes:
    1. Sailing the terrorist off from Karachi. Why not Dubai, Chittagong or Eden for better deception?
    2. Credit cards of Pakistani origin in their pockets. Do the suicide bombers carry the IDs in their pockets?
    3. Their Pakistani Punjabi ascent. The first lesson given to intelligence operators is to adapt to local environments. If such an operation was planned by Pakistan and ISI, the operatives would have known that they would have to communicate/ negotiate with the hostages and others and hence would have concealed this giveaway sign.

I leave to the readers to decide if Indian lies are white or black.

I also leave to you to decide whether this is a RAW/Mossad staged drama or that of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and ISI?

And how much credible are CNN and BBC anyway?

Mr. Marvat is a Pakistani commentator. He can be reached at Lion.of.khyberATgmail.com


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