Mumbai: A group of 20-25 men claiming to be Shiv Sena activists attacked journalists and damaged property at the offices of IBN7 and IBN Lokmat, the Hindi and Marathi news channels of the IBN Network, in Mumbai’s Vikhroli on Friday.
IBN Network journalists and other employees were beaten up and their clothes torn by the group. The attackers told employees that they would not accept reports criticizing the Shiv Sena. The Mumbai Police claims they have arrested seven Shiv Sena workers for the attack.
Sandeep Chavan, a journalist with IBN Lokmat, said the attackers told employees they were looking for Nikhil Wagle, editor-in-chief of IBN Lokmat, and wanted to “teach him a lesson”. Chavan said the attackers were armed with iron rods, baseball bats and cricket wickets.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan told Network18 the attackers will be punished.
“We had no idea that such a thing was going to happen. Whoever is responsible for this will be severely dealt with. Nobody has the right to assault journalists,” said the Chief Minister.

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