A mother with only one eye

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious
My mother had only one eye,
I hated her as I was ashamed of her
She was a cook in the school cafeteria where I studied.

One day, when I saw still in a primary class,
She came to visit me to see for herself that I was all right.
I was very upset, how dare she do this to me?
After that incident I ignored her & looked on her
Only with hateful eyes….
The next day, a fellow-student told me,
oohhh, your mother has only one eye!”
At that moment, I wanted to crawl  under the floor
And that my mother would be out of my life completely.
The next day I went to meet her & to tell here:
” because of you I am the joke at school,
Why don’t you die and go away!?
But, she did not respond….
I wasn’t thinking and did not know what I was saying,
I was very angry.
I could not imagine
How she would react to my remarks.
And, I left town.

I studied relentlessly and obtained a scholarship
to continue my studies abroad.
In fact, I completed my studies, got married, bought a house and set up my family.
I lived a happy and a peaceful life.

One day, my mother comes to visit me.
It has been many years since she had disappeared,
She had never met here grand-children.
She remained at the doorstep
While my children were making fun of her
I shouted at her: ” How date you come all the way here and frighten my kids?!
With a calm voice she responded:
“I apologize, I am at the wrong address.”
And she disappeared.

One day, I received an invitation from my hometown school to attend a reunion under the close family ties ” topic
I lied to my wife and made her believe that
I was traveling for business.
After the reunion I stopped by the house
where I grew up
The neighbours informed me that
my mother had passed away.
I did not shed even one drop of tear!!!

The neighbor handed me a letter
 that my mother had left for me
“My Dear son, I always thought of you.”
I regret having visited you abroad
And frightened your kids
…I was very pleased when I heard that
 you would come to attend the reunion
…The only thing was that I could not get up
from my bed to come and see you….
… I am broken-hearted that I brought
shame to you on numerous occasions…
Did you know that when you were a baby
 you had an accident and lost your one eye?…
and, as any other mother would,
I would not let you grow up with only one eye….
So. I gave you my eye……..
I was very proud and happy to know that my son would be able to see the world with my eye
with all my love…
…Your mother….

The Last and final Messenger of Allah swt, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said.
It is one of the greatest sins that a man should curse his parents.”
(Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 8.4 Narrated by Abdullah bin Amr)
Allah swt says: Your Lord has enjoined the following: You should not worship anyone but Him Alone!  Treat your parents with great kindness;  if either or both of them attain old age, do not even say ‘uff‘ to them;  nor rebuke them;  but speak to them kind words.  Treat them with humility and tenderness and pray, “O our Lord,  be merciful to them, just as they brought me up with kindness and affection in my childhood.”
Holy Quran Chapter 17 Surah Bani Israel verses 23-24

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