america and india have join hands to attack SAFE HEAVEN of TERRORISTS in pakistan

WASHINGTON: The United States and India have agreed to work jointly to deal with terrorism ‘emanating from India’s neighbourhood’ and to defeat terrorist safe havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
A joint statement issued after a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House on Tuesday also recognised India as a responsible state with advanced nuclear technology.
The statement not only reaffirmed America’s desire to help India attain the status of a global power but also reflected complete agreement between the two countries on issues like terrorism and nuclear non-proliferation.
According to the statement, the two leaders reiterated their shared interest in the stability, development and independence of Afghanistan and ‘in the defeat of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan and Afghanistan.’
Mr Obama appreciated India’s role in reconstruction and rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan. The two leaders agreed to enhance their respective efforts in this direction.
The two leaders also expressed their ‘grave concern about the threat posed by terrorism and violent extremists emanating from India’s neighbourhood, whose impact is felt beyond the region.’
They agreed that ‘resolute and credible steps must be taken to eliminate safe havens and sanctuaries that provide shelter to terrorists and their activities.’
They acknowledged that such activities undermined security and stability in the region and around the world.
Prime Minister Singh and President Obama reaffirmed their shared vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and pledged to work together, ‘as leaders of responsible states with advanced nuclear technology, for global non-proliferation, and universal, non-discriminatory and complete nuclear disarmament.’
On the eve of the first anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks, President Obama reiterated America’s condemnation of the attack and the two leaders underscored ‘the absolute imperative to bring to justice the perpetrators of this terrorist attack.’
They decided on a counter-terrorism cooperation initiative to expand collaboration on counter-terrorism, information sharing and capacity building.
The two leaders committed to continue pursuing mutually beneficial defence cooperation through the existing security dialogue, service-level exchanges, defence exercises and trade and technology transfer and collaboration.
They noted that nuclear terrorism and clandestine networks were a matter of grave concern.


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