India’s ‘Hindu Al-Qaeda’: Why Hindu Extremists Invaded Taj Mahal?

A group of saffron-clad Hindu extremists entered the Muslim marvel of Taj Mahal, started walking around the monument performing Hindu prayers. Welcome to India’s Hindu terrorists. India is creating al-Qaeda-style civilian militant groups and arming them with heavy weapons. Financing is coming from the narco-trade run by none other than Indian military. This is the face of India that New Delhi’s image makers want to hide from the world.


By ABDUL RUFF Colachal
Saturday, 26 July 2008.

NEW DELHI, IndiaIndia is said to be multi-faceted nation with a flourishing multi-culturalism and securalism, but in reality it expects Muslims and other minorities to make way for the Hindu onward march in every field.
Hindus want every thing in India for themselves. They have enjoyed all benefits of progress and development to themselves leaving nothing to Muslims, except insults and jails.

This write up focuses on Indian chauvinistic activities in the spheres of religion, cultural heritage of Muslims, the plight of Kashmiris and the hidden agenda of the Indian occupation of Jammu & Kashmir.

ONE: Why should India train Hindu extremists, Militants and others?
A group of 10 Hindutva activists-cum-militants belonging to Shiv Sena, a core fundamentalist political outfit, sneaked into the Taj Mahal at Agra on July 24 and performed prayers (puja) within the precincts on Thursday. They were taken into custody and later released without any hurdles.

The Hindu Shiv Sena activists, including three women, bought tickets and entered one by one into the Taj Mahal in the afternoon. They performed some kind of puja and ‘parikrama’ (circling of the monument) of the Muslim edifice/ structure with folded hands. After a while they were forced to stop the ritual when some people brought the matter to the ‘knowledge’ of the security personnel, who in the first place allowed them to enter and even saw them wearing saffron scarves. A minor scuffle ensued after which the police took them to the Taj Ganj Police station.

This is a routine matter for Indian governments when Hindus perform illegal activities. Had Muslims enter the temples and remove the idols and clean up the structure to be able to offer prayers to God, the matter would be different.

Hindu outfits, who consider themselves above law and have every right to do anything they please with Muslims and their mosques, have been on a rampage for political reasons with concocted stories against Islam.
The latest story or discovery of Hindu extremists and their researchers led by Shiv Sena is that the 17th century monument is actually a Shiva temple. Hindu extremists have announced earlier that they would perform puja and aarti on every Monday during the Hindu month of ‘Shravan’, considered auspicious for the worship of Shiva. This past Monday, they had been prevented from entering the Taj Mahal. They later performed the ‘rituals’ at the Taj Mahal corridor.

A Shiv Sena chief in Agra said they had gone there as ordinary citizens of India and felt like praying. ‘So, what’s wrong with that,’ he asked. The officer belonging to the Archaeological Society of India who is in-charge of the Taj Mahal tried to justify what the Hindu fundamentalists tried to do at the Taj Mahal:
“They came in a group as ordinary citizens and purchased tickets. We were with them all the time along with the Taj Ganj police station in-charge. With folded hands they went towards the mosque and went back. How could we have prevented their entry as they did nothing objectionable? I don’t know why such a hullabaloo is being made about it. They told me their program is for Mondays and had come today just to see the Taj Mahal.”

As a Hindu extremist organization thriving on anti-Islamic and anti-Minority sentiments, Siva Sena’s activities, like any other extremist religious groups, are supposed to be under scrutiny by the government, but as this incident shows, the government knows about such activities and knew in this case what the Hindu extremists were planning to do, and yet the Indian authorities allowed the Hindus do their prayers (puja) inside the Taj Mahal. The Hindus were conducting their worship in a Muslim mosque which houses the tomb of the wife of the Moghul emperor.

Enough of this nonsense for this nation where people are being divided along religious and fundamentalist lines. It is high time Indian judiciary stepped in to clear up the Hindutva mess the rulers over decades have created in appeasing the majority population.

TWO – Why India trains Hindu militants?
Even as India keeps blaming Pakistan of training freedom fighting Kashmiris, it also trains the Hindu militants and Kashmiri Muslims. With this Indian strategists have decided to kill Kashmiris directly by Hindus themselves, leading a civil war in Jammu & Kashmir. The great idea behind this new scheme is to delay granting independence to Jammu & Kashmir.

As if state terrorist forces are not enough to kill the Kashmiri Muslims, now the UPA government of India and the Indian-occupied J&K government under Governor’s rule have embarked upon a massive training of Hindu militants in Jammu region to fight the so-called Muslim ‘terrorists’, which only means Kashmir Muslims, who still demand sovereignty back from the occupying terror forces of India.

After establishing Village Defense Committees (VDC) and handing people with modern weaponry in hilly areas of Jammu province to fight militancy’, Indian terror security agencies are now busy establishing Self Defense Committees (SDC) in all the hilly villages of Jammu. The SDCs would be like VDCs but every member of SDC is given an AK-47 rifle and other heavy weaponry to use against anybody without any accountability. The SDCs consist of 15 volunteers from every village who are registered with the police department before receiving rifles and ammunition.

Thus, Sarankote Police Station in Poonch district has been converted into a zonal office for registering SDCs and people are being introduced to SDCs through the public address system and many SDCs have already been registered. ‘The people who are being registered as members of SDCs are mostly illiterate and there is every possibility that these people can misuse the weapons for their personal grudges or animosities. This can result in a civil war in the area,’ says an elderly inhabitant of Poonch.

This policy of distributing heavy weapons to local civilian militias has anguished the Muslim population in these areas, who feel threatened as police is handing over the weapons only to the members of Hindu community.

Yet, the moot question remains: Why should India train extra Hindus when it has surplus terror military forces, charged with the ‘patriotic’ task of killing the Kashmiris and when they have been doing the ‘job’ pretty well over decades as heavy militarization of Jammu Kashmir by India, killing thousands of innocent Kashmiris?

THREE –  India promotes Narcotics in JK
Very few Indians know that their military units are thoroughly corrupt. Anti-social and anti-people activities like smuggling and narcotics are a part of the Indian military services. Police on 10 July arrested an Indian army trooper and recovered heroin worth Rs. 10,000,000 fom his possession in Rajouri district.
Acting on a tip-off, police intercepted soldier Sumeet Singh at Inphaja Morh in Kandi belt Saturday night and recovered the heroin. Singh, who is working with 13 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry regiment, is presently posted at Udhampur and was on leave when arrested. A case under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPSA) has been registered against him. Military establishment has confirmed the arrest.
It is amusing to note that Indian propaganda abroad includes branding Kashmiris, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis as terrorists and placing slur on Kashmiri, Afghani and Pakistani Muslims involved in drug trade and narcotics.
Genocide, secret mass graves, illegal land grabs, economic terrorism, promotion of Hindu religion in Kashmir, and now trade in narcotics and drugs are the goals of the occupying Indian terror forces from India in Kashmir.

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