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Video: Satanic Dajjali Symbols & Logos, Freemasonic Symbols in Pakistan

November 22, 2009

Satanic illuminati Symbols & Logos

The illuminati recognize that their plan for a global government hinges completely on subjugating the masses to their agenda. The greatest threat to their plan posing more danger than any army or law is the threat of a free-thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the Masons have set about the boldest plan devised. The complete control of every aspect of human life. YOUR life. And the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes, entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society, people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media, television, cinema, and computer games and the Internet. Popular fiction and popular music are integral part of our lives yet these provide a vast expanse on the information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind- information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is passed before you every single day. These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the world and everything that exists; thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the world to their way of thinking and it is this fact that the illuminati are exploiting. The illuminati are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally; the methods they use vary, but the goal is the same: to impose their beliefs, their ideology and objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own.

One Eye Dajjal (Illuminati) symbols – Pyramids and Eyes

Freemasonic Symbols in Pakistan

The Zionist Lobby is actively working to take over Pakistan! Its time that we wake up and take back whats ours!

NWO’s Next Mission Pakistan?

This video gets even more intresting towards the end.  It seems the NWO’s Agenda is preparing to their next mission..


Project Youth Deserve Listening

November 17, 2009
Pakistan Youth Forum has started out a project name YDL (Youth Deserve Listening) for the purpose of youth to give them a space where they can speak up and share a chance to be listened.

If You are a creative writer,
If You have done Research,

If You want to expose hidden truths,
If You are an artist need stage to showcase your talent,
do You have concerns on any thing you feel about,
YDL is for You ! come and be a part of us.

Pakistan Youth Forum
( for any suggestion or information feel free to contact )

Americans Dressed as Afghans Caught With Illegal Weapons and Explosives

October 28, 2009

ISLAMABAD – FOUR American citizens were caught red-handed by Capital Police in the early hours of Tuesday for photographing sensitive buildings. All four were dressed in traditional Afghan outfits and were found to be in possession of illegal weapons and explosives
According to details, police personnel deployed here at Nawaz Chowk, sector F-8, intercepted two suspicious vehicles in the early hours of Tuesday. During the search, police recovered weapons from their custody. The riders of these vehicles were found to be American citizens. They were all dressed as Afghans.
The number plates on both vehicles (IDM 2030 & LG 501) were found to be fake. The police personnel called for backup when the Americans refused to allow them to search the car. High Ranking Capital Police officials reached the site within minutes and had the vehicles searched, recovering 2 M-16A1 rifles, 2 handguns and 2 hand-grenades.
The police held the American citizens in custody for an hour before the Interior Ministry interefered and had them released without charge even as preliminary investigation was being carried out.

Interior Ministry Covering Up For US Mercenaries And Terrorists

October 28, 2009 In 2005, Iraqi Police arrested and locked up TWO British operatives in Basra who were dressed in local Arab gear, shooting at innocent civilians in a busy market with automatic rifles and driving a vehicle laden with explosives, intended to go off in the middle of the busy market. British tanks tore into the prison and rescued both these men. In Pakistan, it seems all the Americans need to do is make a call to the Interior Ministry and have their terrorists released.

PKKH Editorial
There have been several incidents during the last few months of foreigners carrying illegal arms in the federal capital. Some foreigners were found not only carrying illegal weapons, but also threatening, harassing and frightening the public in Islamabad. The law enforcement agencies have been particularly efficient in tightening security measures around the city as a response to citizen complaints.
15304659_dec9999702In the most recent incident, four American nationals who were disguised as Afghans were caught with illegal arms on Tuesday at a posh sector of Islamabad inhabited mostly by senior Pakistani diplomats and politicians. The police personnel intercepted two suspicious vehicles and recovered illegal weapons from in posession of the Americans in both vehicles.
The Americans were also seen taking photographs of buildings around the area while some videos of sensitive locations in Islamabad were also found with them. During the preliminary investigation, the Americans falsely claimed that they were US Marines – and were taken to the police station for further investigation. After the personal intervention of those high up in the Interior Ministry, the Americans were allowed to leave without being charged. Some sources disclose that the US Embassy officials intervened in the matter by contacting higher-ups of Pakistan’s Interior Ministry and had the culprits freed.
The Interior ministry, when approached for comments on this story, affirmed once again that there existed no law in Pakistan that might allow any foreigner or diplomat, including Americans, to move on busy roads of federal capital with illegal arms.
It was not the first incident of such kind in the Federal Capital where foreigners were picked up by police for posession of illegal arms. It has become almost a norm that police intercepts foreigners violating national laws including posession of illegal weapons, and are freed after Pakistani “influentials” come to their rescue.
Some days ago, police officials deployed at a security check post in Islamabad stopped two Dutch personnel and recovered sophisticated weapons including hand grenades, bombs, and sophisticated guns from their custody. The police lodged a formal complaint, however, no action was initiated on directions of Interior Ministry and the matter was hushed.
William Ven and Tomas Smith were the two Dutch men caught roaming around with sophisticated weapons, bombs and hand grenades in a blue BMW, registered number of which was IDL 4191. Sources on the condition of anonymity reveal that both officials were working for the notorious Blackwater Co. (Xe) and were almost certainly out on an assassination mission, target of which is still unknown. Sunny Christopher, a U.S. embassy official who was following the blue BMW was out there to provide cover.
Before the security agencies could confirm their connection with Blackwater (Xe), the interior ministry again came to their rescue and saying that the men were ‘Dutch embassy officials’ – which appears to be an attempt to cover up Blackwater’s questionable activities on the media. During the past few weeks the local media had been particularly vocal on the Blackwater issue and this incident would have further fueled calls for action against the various US-linked private security companies operating on Pakistan soil involved in suspicious activities. What’s not so surprising is that no probe was done with the alleged ‘Dutch diplomats’ and no explanation or apology was offered.
Both dutch men were released a while later after the U.S. embassy intervened, and were put on the next flight out of Islamabad immediately.
What is particularly alarming is that such incidents continue to occur in the nation’s very own capital city while government in their attempts to temporarily ‘settle’ the matter issues hollow statements. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, has stated on many occasions that no foreigner would be allowed to carry illegal arms. “The violators would be dealt with an iron hand,” he adds.
However the Americans have relentlessly continue to violate the the law of the land and no iron hand strikes – and in fact the violators are given a safe passage each time.


Pakistan , Conspiracies and new scenario building

May 7, 2009

In this blog i will paste news regarding whats going in with Pakistan,international Conspiracies against Pakistan and Geo political Situation

Ok first of all let examin the whole situation regurding war on terror and Pakistan and Conspiracies against Pakistan
Ok first of all Balochistan Issue,what we saw recently and infact we are watching the whole scene from years and years that Political Governments never take care of this province which is about 40 % of the whole area of Pakistan,Some of the shocking facts about Blochistan
OIL RESERVES: Pakistan as a whole has been estimated to have 300 million barrels of oil reserves. However, according to a report dated October 27, 2006, published by Environment News Service, the offshore and onshore oil reserves of Balochistan alone are estimated to top 6 trillion barrels. Geological factors point to bulk of these reserves to be offshore in the Arabian Sea.
here is link —–>
These are some minerals are found in Baluchistan
a) Copper and Gold (Saindak, Koh-I-Sultan Spin Kan) 5th largest gold mine in the world
b) Iron ore (Chilgazi)
c) Marble (Chagai)
d) Onyx
e) Chromite (Muslim Bagh)
f) Fluorite (Koh-I-Maran, Dalbandin)
g) Baryte (Gunga, Kudni, Bankhri)
h) Limestone Dolomite :(Harnai)
i) Gypsum (Spin Tangi)
PROVEN GAS RESERVES: Pakistan has 25.1 trillion cubic feet (cft) of proven gas reserves, of which Balochistan is reported to have 19 trillion cft. Sui gas field has been exploited for over 50 years, and the organisations involved are: State Oil, PPL and Sui Gas Co.
COAL RESERVES- In Pakistan, coal reserve is estimated at 185 billion tons, which, according to Dr. Akram Sheikh (ex-Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission) is equivalent to at least 400 billion barrels of oil, in other words equivalent to the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran combined. According to the vice chancellor of Punjab University, Professor Dr. Mujahid Kamran, these coal reserves equal to 618 billion barrels of crude oil.

Ok that was about resources of Balochistan ok now come to Gawadar project,Iran Build a port to destroy the gawader project that port is call Charbagh port and the of the most shocking facts are that Iranian build that port with the support of India,and indians are building network of roads in blochistan and iran to make iranian port project a successful project,Recently Indians build a new high way which is about 100 Km in Afghanistan to support the business of Charbahg Iranian port which will linked with Land lock countries of Central asia,actually this was our project in fact it is our project to link Gawader port with Central Asian countries,Now what they did with indians they made their own port which is very close to Gawader port to destroy our project, Ok lets talk about iranian involvement in blochistan well i cant say any thing clearly because i havent prof but today out our Interior advisor said that Ghulam Muhammad killed in Turbat was wanted by Iran and Iran government had asked for his handing over ( means that recently 3 baloch leader were killed in balochistan amoung them 1 was iranian from Charbahg and was wanted by Iran so these thing shows some thing fishy fishy )

ok Now About Barmdad Issue,Baramdad bugti the son of Akbar bugti is in Afghanistan living near the palace of Afghan president,he recently said that we want free blochistan and we need indian and american help to liberate Balochistan and this statement is on record also published in so many news papers and about baramdad bugti and its Army BLA ( Baloch libration army ) Today our advisor to interior ministry said that BLA was formed by Russia and India and india is supporting them today and he quoted that we have documentary evidence and about this man Baramdad Bugti recently Ex president Musharaf said in india in a conference that we have Documentary evidence about Baramdad Bugti when he came in Dehli we have all, so now i think u may get some picture of the whole issue whats going on in Balochistan

ok one more thing you people may saw the new map of pakistan in which there is a Greater blochistan yes indeed a blochistan a new country,well if we take a look at the fact what i provided above tells us that they are heading toward greater blochistan,which is full of Oil and Coal reserves, 40 % of Pakistan etc. so these are some facts what i thought i should share with you people now you come to know that because of some horrible facts blochistan is burning

Russia, India supporting BLA, Malik tells Senate

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Says govt ready to accept all Baloch demands except independence

By Mumtaz Alvi

ISLAMABAD: The government on Wednesday startled the Senate by saying that Russia and India were supporting the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in its secession bid, saying the same outfit had kidnapped UNHCR official John Solecki.

Making a policy statement while winding up the five-day debate that in fact continued for three days, excluding Saturday and Sunday, on the killing of there Baloch leaders and the deteriorating law and order in Balochistan, Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik claimed they had proof of foreign involvement in the province.

Rehman Malik, later talking to media persons outside the Parliament House, called on India to stop its interference in Balochistan, dubbing it an open enemy of Pakistan. He noted that the proposal of reviving the ‘Sardari system’ in the province was being considered. He added the FC had been put under the chief minister and all the 36 FC checkposts had been removed.

The adviser made a revelation that the BLA chief Brahamdagh Khan Bugti lived close to Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s presidential palace in Kabul and enjoyed local support. He added thousands of Baloch students had got training in Russia and were present in Balochistan.

Rehman Malik pointed out that 4,000 to 5,000 Baloch people had got training in several centres there and added he would share more details with the legislators during the in-camera proceedings of the House, slated for Thursday at 12:30 pm.
His speech was interrupted several times by Mahabat Khan Marri, Dr Abdul Malik and Mir Hasil Bazenjo, who rejected some of his contentions, particularly about the alleged terrorist role of Sher Muhammad Baloch’, who was one of the three Baloch leaders recently murdered and their mutilated bodies found afterwards. At one stage, they staged a token walkout against the advisor’s remarks.

Malik noted that the BLA had kidnapped Solecki in order to highlight what he called their totally unjustified and uncalled for demand of freedom from Pakistan. He said he had the transcription and contact numbers, while intercepting calls during which the BLA chief was asking his people in the province about ‘the red goat’ – a code name for Solecki – and asking for his shifting to some other location, as the government had got clue of the place, where he was being kept.

“Solecki was abducted two days before UN Secretary General’s Pakistan visit to project BLA’s bid for freedom. On the basis of evidence, I met Karzai and sought his help for the repatriation of Brahamdagh or stopping him from what he was doing back in Pakistan, but he expressed his government’s ignorance about his presence there,” the adviser said.

The adviser said he also asked Karzai to stop the misuse of Afghan soil against Pakistan, as daily 45,000-50,000 people cross over to Pakistan from Bajaur, Chaman and Torkham. This was in addition to the hostile foreign agencies active against Pakistan, he added.

Then, Rehman said the government apprised the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the situation and sought his assistance. Then Ban talked to Karzai and this led to the freeing of Solecki.

About the BLA, he pointed out it was raised and funded by the then USSR and supported by India, then it went dormant and got active following the martyrdom of ex-governor Nawab Akbar Bugti. He added the BLA and some other outfits enjoyed foreign support.

The adviser noted that the BLA chief had recently himself in an interview to a local channel, conceded they were being supported by India and that he had sought UN and some other countries backing also.

Out rightly rejecting the BLA demand, Rehman made it clear that the government was ready to accept all the demands of people of Balochistan, barring independence, which did not enjoy the majority support. He talked of conspiracy of destabilising Balochistan, the NWFP and Northern Areas.

The adviser, who became a senator in March, said under a well-conceived ploy, the three Baloch leaders were murdered and then systematically 14 settlers were killed in the ensuing violence.

He questioned how those who resorted to the killings of innocent settlers managed to possess and then use hand grenades, Kalashnikovs and missiles, whereas the people of the province were peaceful and normal. But the real conspiracy was to breakdown law and order there.

He claimed that after the inception of a new government last year, no military operation in any part of Balochistan was under way. After the series of measures and steps the government had taken, the situation in the province was improving and in this connection, President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani had played a very crucial role.

He proposed formation of a senators’ committee, which would oversee working of the investigations, being carried on with reference to the murder of three Baloch leaders.

Rehman noted that Iran, through a letter, had sought repatriation of Sher Muhammad for his indulgence in terrorist activities there. Sher, he said was an Iranian citizen of Chabahar, who later got Pakistani citizenship.

This led to massive agitation from some senators from Balochistan, forcing the adviser to leave the topic and offering to give an in-camera briefing. However, he said it was time to act together and make a distinction between what was insurgency and what were Balochistan’s genuine problems.

About many senators’ allegations that local spy agencies were involved in Balochistan problems, he said the government was prepared to look into it, if any one had credible evidence. He ruled out the possibility of the agencies’ role in the murder of Baloch leaders.Later, Dr Abdul Malik contended that the problems of Balochistan should not be linked to India and Russia.

Lashkari Raisani of PPP said though he belonged to the government side, but would like to say that the agencies also tend to sometime mislead the government on certain matters. He said it were the personnel of agencies, which looted his home and later set it on fire during ex-president Pervez Musharraf’s rule.

On a point of order by Mushahidullah Khan, Rehman Malik regretted that India had talked of the possibility of Taliban attack during the Indian elections, but did not respond to Pakistan’s offer of a joint effort to tackle the issue.

He complained that India had also failed to respond to 32 questions, Pakistan had forwarded to it regarding the Mumbai attacks. So much, so, the DNA results of both Kasab and Sohail were identical, which could be a possibility only if they were twins.

PPI adds: Rehman Malik said that besides the political forces representing the province in the Parliament, the government is also in contact with those who have no representation in the Parliament to seek their input in resolving the present situation.

He said the government is considering NFC award keeping in view the backwardness and area of the provinces besides the population. Rehman Malik regretted that the Afghan government did not facilitate him to have a meeting with Baloch leader Barhamdakh Bugti, who is a grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti so that their grievances are taken care of.

Reuters adds: Rehman Malik accused Afghanistan and India of supporting ethnic Baloch separatists fighting in the resource-rich province of Balochistan.

Pakistan has in the past accused old rival India of meddling in Balochistan but Wednesday’s comments were the most explicit for years and come after a deterioration in ties over a militant attack in Mumbai.

[Guys this is a policy statement of pakistan Government means at last Pakistani Government show some courage to speak against india]

Ok guys here is the son of b*tch we are looking for…The Indian agent must watch interview of Barhamdakh Bugti on aaj tv

Conspiracies against Pakistan won’t succeed, says FO Foreign Office

* Spokesman criticises Israeli foreign minister’s remarks
* Says govt will facilitate students facing deportation from Britain

By Sajjad Malik

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) has said that international conspiracies being hatched to malign and isolate Pakistan will not succeed.

Addressing a weekly press briefing, FO spokesman Abdul Basit criticised the ‘unwarranted remarks on Pakistan’ by the Israeli foreign minister, who has said “Israel feels a strategic threat at the hands of Pakistan”, not Iran.

“Pakistanis are a resilient, moderate and progressive nation, and efforts to malign or isolate Pakistan will not succeed,” said Basit.

He said that a recent meeting of the ‘Friends of Pakistan’ forum in Tokyo had clearly demonstrated that the international community fully supported Pakistan in the war on terror.

Basit said that Pakistan had positive expectations from a tripartite conference to be held next month in the US. Basit acknowledged that Pakistan and the US had differences over drone attacks in the Tribal Areas, and Pakistan would reiterate its stance to Washington at the trilateral meeting next month. He said that during his visit to the US, President Asif Ali Zardari would also talk about US aid for Pakistan and a ‘campaign against the ISI’.

He said problems in Pakistan were part of the spillover effect of the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan, but Pakistan was committed to face and solve them.

The spokesman said the Swat agreement was a ‘local solution to a local problem’, and its implementation would bring peace and stability in the region.

Replying to a question about the possibility of Taliban entering Islamabad, he said, “I have nothing to say at this stage.” Basit called terrorism a ‘complex one’, and said there was a need for well-integrated strategies to tackle it.

He said Pakistan was in touch with the British authorities over issues related to students who were detained in the UK on terror charges and subsequently released. “We understand that the British government wants to deport these students to Pakistan. We will help these students in case they want to legally contest their removal from Britain,” he said. However, he refused to say if Pakistan would seek an apology from Britain.

The spokesman said Pakistan was carefully evaluating the security implications of India’s launch of a spy satellite.

“We are also mindful of the challenges posed to our security by the induction of new technology and weapons by India … and the implications of the Indian satellite already launched are being evaluated,” the spokesman told the press briefing.

“There should be no doubt that Pakistan is fully capable of safeguarding its security. Our resolve and resilience are unshakable,” he added.