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Israel may attack Iran after December

November 23, 2009
Israel is making preparations to carry out military attacks in Iran after December, a French magazine reported overnight Wednesday.
IDF Chief of General Staff Lt...

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen Gabi Ashkenazi speaks to Army Radio.
Photo: IDF
According to the report in Le Canard Enchainé quoted by Israel Radio, Jerusalem has already ordered high-quality combat rations from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units and has also asked reservists of these units staying abroad to return to Israel.
The magazine further reported that in a recent visit to France, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told his French counterpart Jean-Louis Georgelin that Israel was not planning to bomb Iran, but might send elite troops to conduct activities on the ground there.
These, according to the magazine, could involve the sabotage of nuclear facilities as well as assassinations of top Iranian nuclear scientists.
Israel has recently toned down rhetoric against Iran so as not to hinder US diplomatic efforts for Iranian transparency regarding its nuclear program, but neither Jerusalem nor Washington have so far made any unequivocal statements to the effect that the military option against Iran was no longer being considered.
Israel has maintained that it has the military capability to tackle Iran on its own if sanctions against the Islamic Republic prove ineffective.
Israel accuses Iran of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. Teheran maintains that its nuclear program is peaceful.
The Jerusalem Post could not confirm Le Canard Enchainé’s report.

Retired General Says Israeli Attack to Take Out Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Not Only Possible, the U.S. Should Join In;cbsCarousel

Wald is another apparent Jewish Zionist in attendance at a Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) warmonger event as WINEP is a spin-off of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) which has been pushing for war with Iran for Israel for years no matter how many Americans have to die/get horribly maimed as a result of such (hence the Mearsheimer/Walt ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’ book is validated yet again!):

U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby
The AIPAC propagandist Dennis Ross moves over to the National Security Council


have you ever saw the al-aqsa mosque ?

November 22, 2009
Have you ever noticed that every time you mention or type in the name Al Aqsa Mosque, people tell you or you find pictures of the Dome of the Rock ???!!! Well there are many reasons why people are trying to erase the image of the Masjid Al Aqsa from the memory of the Muslims. this picture is a clear evidence and hereby distinct masjid aqsa from masjid al SAKHRA which has dome of the rock but the real al aqsa masjid does not !!!now you see how these Illuminati jew zionists have raced their ancestry against our religion n infiltrated it to the best of their abilities

Video: Satanic Dajjali Symbols & Logos, Freemasonic Symbols in Pakistan

November 22, 2009

Satanic illuminati Symbols & Logos

The illuminati recognize that their plan for a global government hinges completely on subjugating the masses to their agenda. The greatest threat to their plan posing more danger than any army or law is the threat of a free-thinking mind. In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the Masons have set about the boldest plan devised. The complete control of every aspect of human life. YOUR life. And the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes, entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing. In today’s society, people are spending more and more time engaged with modern media, television, cinema, and computer games and the Internet. Popular fiction and popular music are integral part of our lives yet these provide a vast expanse on the information which you are taking either consciously or subconsciously into your mind- information on society ranging from ideals and morals and the difference between right and wrong to the way societies and economies should be structured is passed before you every single day. These media play a significant role in providing the basis for determining an individuals view of the world and everything that exists; thus any one group in complete control of this information placed on these media will in effect have the power to indoctrinate practically the entire populace of the world to their way of thinking and it is this fact that the illuminati are exploiting. The illuminati are using the entertainment industry in particular to condition people to their way of thinking either openly or subliminally; the methods they use vary, but the goal is the same: to impose their beliefs, their ideology and objectives on you in such a way that you begin to think of them as your own.

One Eye Dajjal (Illuminati) symbols – Pyramids and Eyes

Freemasonic Symbols in Pakistan

The Zionist Lobby is actively working to take over Pakistan! Its time that we wake up and take back whats ours!

NWO’s Next Mission Pakistan?

This video gets even more intresting towards the end.  It seems the NWO’s Agenda is preparing to their next mission..

israel bombing innocent phalistenies

November 20, 2009

and we are called terrorist

Democracy is a best revenge ………

November 20, 2009

Zardari about to be dumped?

November 20, 2009
Pamela Constable’s article ‘For Pakistani president, goodbye to goodwill’ by the pro-Israel daily The Washington Post (November 16, 2009) suggests that the US-Zardari romance seems to be over – while blaming the “extremists” for all the current mess in the country.
According to Pamela, “military officials are unhappy over Zardari’s compliant relationship with Washington – while the poor and working-class Pakistanis blame government for protracted shortage of gas, electricity and staple food. They also feel increasingly unprotected, as suicide bombing has killed more than 350 people in the last two months.”
However, Pamela shy away from mentioning the close relations Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari and his interior minister Rehman Malik and Pakistan’s ambassador Haqqani has with the Jewish Lobby in the US.
The Pamela repeated the same old ‘democracy crap’, which has proved to be a sham after how Washington handled the democratic process in occupied Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, etc. “Zardari’s deepening unpopularity has put Washington in a bind because of its avowed commitment to bolster democratic in Pakistan after a decade of military rule. If he is forced from power, either on old corruption charges or through a collapse of the ruling coalition, analyst (belonging to CFR, S.I.T.E., or Daniel Pipes, etc.) said, Washington might have to deal with new leaders who are less friendly and no better able to solve Pakistan’s problems,” – which are created by Washington on the behest of Israel in the first place.
Pamela can be excused for not knowing that Pakistan’s all four military rulers (Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq, Yahya Khan, and Pervez Musharraf) were supported and protected by Washington. She, like CNN and CFR dude, Fareed Zakaria, and Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington (known as US ambassador in Washington), Husain Haqqani, is an ‘Islamophobe’. Haqqani in his book ‘Pakistan Between Mosque and Military’, wrote: “From the point view of Islamists and their backers in ISI, Jihad is on hold but not yet over. Pakistan still have an agenda in Afghanistan and Kashmir.” I wonder why Haqqani forgot to mention India and Israel from his list? According to some government insiders, Haqqani is about to be replaced by (princess) Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, the former ambassador to Washington.
Fareed Zakria in an article for the Jewish Newsweek (May 2, 2009), titled ‘Change We Can’t Believe In’ (frankly, most Pakistanis would give a damn what the anti-Islam Zionist dude believe), had advised Washington: “If Washington hopes to change Pakistan’s world-view (through the eyes of Israel Lobby), it will have to take much tougher line with the military while supporting the country’s civilian leaders (Zardari aka Mr. 10%, and other corrupt secularist politicians), whose vision of Pakistan’s national interests(???) is broader and less paranoid, and envisioned more cooperation with its neighbors.” I hope Zakaria count Pakistan’s friendly Islamic Iran as Pakistan’s neighbor too!
With no leader of Dr. Ahmadinejad’s calibre, Pakistanis have no hope to be governed by some honest and nationalist leader. The people who make the list of future ‘USrael puppets’ to replace Asif Zardari include Gen. Kayani, Nawaz Sharif, and Gen. Musharraf or Washington might decide to send some US-Pakistan technocrat to become the third such prime minister of Pakistan.

Life Threat: A New Weapon To Silence US Critics In Pakistan

November 18, 2009
A small group of Pakistani journalists are protesting because one Pakistani newspaper has accused Mathew Rosenberg, an India-based American correspondent for the Wall Street Journal of being a spy.  The editor of Wall Street Journal is ‘disgusted’.  Under new directions from Mrs. Clinton, US diplomats are aggressively engaged in a media battle in Pakistan.  Part of the game is raising a new class of US apologists – commentators, editors, journalists.  Mr. Rosenberg may not be a spy but here is a Pakistani lesson for the US media.
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A rumpus is brewing in a small corner of the Pakistani media over the safety of a New Delhi-based American journalist.  Being a US citizen has its benefits and Mr. Mathew Rosenberg is lucky to have a few coming to his defense in Pakistan.  A couple of months ago a Pakistani journalist’s life came under threat in Swat.  He escaped to Washington where he was humiliated on landing, kept in detention for two weeks and is entangled now in a legal mess.  Mr. Rosenberg’s self-appointed defenders in the Pakistani media silently watched that story without uttering a word, let alone writing editorials.
Another reporter, Fawad Shah, had to leave Peshawar after breaking the Blackwater story and receiving threats from US personnel. He escaped to Iran and then into Armenia but had to return eventually, choosing to go public than lie low in dear.  We saw no one from the US media or the Pakistani media, barring the story in The Nation, take up Fawad’s case.
Obviously, there are benefits to defending a US citizen, like Mathew, as compared to a Pakistani one, like Fawad.  Who will reward you for defending Pakistan, right?
Mr. Rosenberg works for Wall Street Journal’s India bureau but has been spending time in our tribal belt for the past few months.  Interestingly, the US media, which has been treating Pakistan as the enemy for the past five years, prefers to cover Islamabad from New Delhi.  Tells you something about the mindset.
The Nation’s Mr. Kaswar Klasra published a story on Nov. 5 revealing that, “Agents of notorious spy agencies are using journalistic cover to engage themselves in intelligence activities in NWFP and FATA.”  Mr. Rosenberg’s name appeared in the story.  To be fair, Mr. Klasra telephoned Mr. Rosenberg in New Delhi as part of his research and gave him space in his story to defend himself, including quoting him say, “Let me tell you that I am not working on any hidden agenda.”
Fair enough, right?  Not for the small and loosely knit group of pro-US commentators who have become vocal in Pakistan over the past few months with the rise in US meddling in our affairs.  This group includes a few academic types, commentators and those who are paid for providing ‘consultancy’ on how to spend US aid in Pakistan.  This group is now raising alarm over Mr. Klasra’s report, accusing his newspaper of ‘endangering the life’ of a US citizen, who is back in the Indian capital anyway.
This has become the weapon of choice to intimidate anyone who criticizes US policies and wrongs in Pakistan.  Do this and you are instantly accused of ‘endangering the lives of US citizens’ in the country.  I first heard this line when I reported earlier this year how a US diplomat used a house in Islamabad to arrange a private meeting between an Indian diplomat and several senior Pakistani bureaucrats.  To my surprise, a Pakistani journalist telephoned me on behalf of the US diplomat to say my reporting endangered the diplomat’s life.  The foreign office later issued a statement warning government servants to refrain from attending such meetings without prior permission.  [In October, the Foreign Office has written to all embassies and high commissions banning any direct meetings between foreign diplomats and Pakistani ministers without prior clearance from the Foreign Office.  The move came after frequent direct meetings between US and British diplomats with two senior federal government ministers.]
Those springing to Mr. Rosenberg’s defense never protested when, in September, Ambassador Anne W. Patterson used this very line [“Endangering American lives”] in a private letter to a Pakistani newspaper targeting one of the paper’s longtime critics of US government policies.  The ambassador’s argument was accepted without any corroborating evidence or public scrutiny.
The same line is now being used in Mr. Rosenberg’s case to discredit what is a legitimate story from the Pakistani perspective.  To generate guilt, Mr. Rosenberg’s few Pakistani defenders are comparing him to Mr. Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter also based in India who flayed personal security guidelines and exposed himself to dangerous terrorists in Pakistan in the inflamed aftermath of the war against al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  That gory incident was highly condemnable and unfortunate but is in no way comparable to Mr. Rosenberg’s case as the few Pakistani guilt-inducers are trying to insinuate.
Surely Mr. Rosenberg and his Pakistani defenders understand that Pakistan is not only battling terrorists in the border area with Afghanistan but also organized terror supported by foreign powers from the Afghan soil.  Both the Interior Minister and the military spokesperson have publicly confirmed this.  Many analysts in the Pakistani strategic community have compiled stacks of hard and circumstantial evidence that does not – to put it diplomatically – absolve the United States of responsibility over the anti-Pakistan terrorism emanating from US-controlled Afghanistan.
Domestically, we have had several incidents involving US and other foreign citizens in unusual activities:
1.       A US researcher, Nicholas Schmiddle, who came to Pakistan in 2006 to conduct research, ended up being deported from the country in January 2008 by Pakistani security officials after he was found traveling to sensitive parts of the country without permission and in violation of his stated purpose on his visa application. [Why lie if you are a journalist?]
2.      In 2003, two French journalists and one Pakistani journalist traveled to Balochistan and hired local people to produce a fake Afghan Taliban training video.  They were arrested en route to Karachi, where the French planned to take a flight back home to break the news on Pakistan’s alleged duplicity in the so-called war on terror.
3.      A British journalist, Christina Lamb, was arrested and deported in November 2001 as she tried to a book a Quetta-Islamabad flight in the name of Osama bin Laden, another ‘breaking news’ that was aborted in time by Pakistani authorities.
4.      In at least three incidents, US special operations agents have been arrested by Pakistani police.  The agents were dressed as Afghan Taliban with beards and the Afghan headgear.  In at least one of those incidents, US agents were riding a car with fake Pakistani number plates. In two of those incidents, these US agents entered Islamabad coming from the tribal belt. They were released in all three cases on the orders of the Interior Ministry despite carrying illegal weapons.
5.      In July 2009, a group of Americans, carrying diplomatic passports, were arrested in the vicinity of the Khan Research Laboratories in Kahuta. They could not explain what they were doing there and said they lost their way. They were released without pressing charges.
Internationally, just this year there have been four incidents where US journalists were accused of spying:
1.       American-Iranian Roxana Saberi was arrested in Tehran in possession of confidential documents that belonged to a national security department in the Iranian government. She was released only when Washington offered diplomatic concessions that were not made public, according to the Iranian media.
2.      Two US journalists illegally entered North Korea.  Washington called it abduction but media reports proved later that the two crossed the border illegally despite warnings from a South Korean translator.
3.      In a case that remains unexplained until now, a US citizen mysteriously swam his way to the house of a US-backed opposition leader in Myanmar, where he remains in detention pending negotiations with Washington.
4.      Three American ‘hikers’ entered Iran illegally this year.  One of them turned out to be a US journalist who speaks local languages. He said he was on a private hiking trip.
None of the above might be a spy, although the evidence in Ms. Saberi’s case was damning and irrefutable.  But it is interesting how frequently US journalists find themselves in situations where they are accused of spying. Exhibit A: four cases in less than a year.
An editorial writer in one of the Pakistani newspapers tried yesterday to offer a lesson in correct reporting and mentioned how the editor of the Wall Street Journal felt ‘disgusted’ over the report on Mr. Rosenberg.  Ironically, where was the Pakistani editorial writer’s disgust at the New York Times when it practically accused Mr. Ansar Abbasi, a senior investigative journalist from the same paper, of being a Taliban simply because Mr. Abbasi had argued during a meeting with a senior US official in Islamabad?
How about also writing something about the endless stream of ‘falsehoods’ and deliberate misreporting over Pakistan’s nuclear program that the US media has excelled in over the past five years? No one has demonized Pakistan during that period as the US media did, and most of it based on unnamed and unverifiable sources.  Is that irresponsible too or do those standards only apply on us where many here submit without raising as much as a whimper?
Pakistan is in a state of war, one that has been gradually imposed on this country in the short span of four years.  Instead of siding with outsiders and exposing their inferiority complexes, some of our commentators would do well to advise US media representatives to move to Islamabad instead of reporting on Pakistan from New Delhi.  That might help the US media reduce some of its hostility toward Pakistan.

Haqqani should buy Zardari a new Maximilian

Anjum Niaz


The Zardari-Nawaz musical chairs stands exposed before the Pakistani people.  Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat appears on Ahmed Quraishi’s TSS [Sunday, Nov. 15, 08:00 pm-Aag TV] to issue this warning: this is the last chance for the politicians and the expanded ruling elite.  Anjum Niaz puts that warning in perspective in this column in her unique style.
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Today President Zardari and the Sharif brothers stand exposed. The moment of reckoning is upon them. Proof of their allegedly stealing billions, from what rightfully belonged to the people of Pakistan, is before us in black and white. Washington and London, with the blessings of our establishment, have finally decided to let the skeletons in the politicians’ cupboards come out. The politicians tried to outsmart the military by flirting with the Kerry-Lugar Bill cleverly scripted by our ambassador in Washington. The army threw in a monkey wrench and thwarted it. Husain Haqqani has since gone into hiding while his boss in Islamabad is hunkered down in the Presidency.
Folks, the army is not going to topple the government through a coup. It is going to pull the plug on our leaders charged with corruption. Democracy will not be disturbed; we will only witness a change of guards. Faces like Aitzaz Ahsan, newly returned from Washington DC (maybe with an important message from the White House?), can well be our future rulers.
The toothless NAB is leaking like a sieve. Or is it the agencies that whisked away classified files from the basement of its Islamabad office, fearing that the present government may tinker with the proof; even destroy it? The damning documents of alleged kickbacks received by Zardari from the sale of three submarines have wormed their way to the French daily Liberation, courtesy the NAB. It’s just one small piece of the larger picture.
In Washington, the chased-out Pervez Musharraf called Zardari a “criminal,” a “fraud” and a “third-rater.” Halleluiah! Musharraf has now seen the sinister side of a man with whom he negotiated the NRO and left him in charge of 180 million Pakistanis. My educated guess is that the Americans gave the nod and a wink to the general to go ahead and abuse Zardari.
The NAB, or make it the secret agencies, have also the Sharif brothers trapped today. Stabbed by their own man, Ishaq Dar, the brothers’ alleged corruption is out in the open. In a 43-page confessional statement by Dar recorded on April 25, 2000, before the district magistrate of Lahore, Dar admits to handling the Sharif’s finances, alleging that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif were involved in money laundering worth at least $14.886 million.
Meanwhile Musharraf awaits the return of the three with impatient glee.
But Zardari’s appointee in Washington too may be moving. “The [Pakistani] military clearly has decided that it would like to have him removed,” says The Boston Globe, citing a congressional aide not authorised to speak to the media. “If he returned home, friends say, his safety could be threatened,” reports the Globe. “Haqqani hasn’t returned to Islamabad for eight months.” One “friend” describes Haqqani-bashing as “brutal.” Michael Krepon of the Henry L Stimson Center, who has penned many Pakistan-centric articles lambasting our security agencies, has known Haqqani for long.
The ambassador has already received a “welcome back” message from Boston University’s spokesman Colin Riley. Haqqani currently wears two hats: Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington and Boston University’s professor. According to the Globe, he has “maintained ties with BU” and “continues to advise a student pursuing a doctorate who is defending her dissertation this month.” Can an envoy of a country serve two masters? Well, Haqqani is blatantly doing it, and also drawing two salaries?

I have great news for the NRO dirty dozens soon to become political fugitives. It’s safe to make New York your home. Thanksgiving and Christmas is here, guys. The shopping is great; the deals amazing. The godfather who likes to wear $17,000-a-pair shoes will feel right at home in Manhattan. The New York Stock Exchange is up. Go grab another penthouse on Fifth Avenue, or buy yourself a 2nd, a 3rd mansion. Buy a dog and name him Maximilian.

Blackmail In Balochistan

November 3, 2009

The truth is that the three murdered Pakistani Baloch politicians had become a political liability and a security risk for Brahamdagh Bugti and a threat to his entire infrastructure of terror inside Pakistan. The three had developed a good working relationship with Pakistani security officials during hostage negotiations. Brahamdagh and his handlers knew that the three were in direct contact with Pakistani security officials and could compromise the security of the terrorist activity and the routes of secret funding from across the border and the terrorist hideouts inside Pakistan. The inside story of five days that changed Balochistan, a story of deception, intrigue and espionage.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Two distinct sketches are emerging of what happened in Pakistan’s largest province –Balochistan— over the past ten days.

The three murdered Pakistani Baloch political activists were in contact with Pakistani security and intelligence officials during the negotiations to release John Solecki, an American citizen and U.N. official. The three were also in contact with U.S. diplomats, U.N. officials, and with the kidnappers. In fact, the three politicians were considered to be part of the political front of the terrorist-insurgent movement that has its logistical, financial, and military bases in Afghanistan, built with generous funding over the past five years after the American occupation of that country.

So there is no question that Pakistan’s security agencies were in direct contact with the three politicians. Before their murder, the terrorists-separatists did not dare publicize their presence and actions and relied on sporadic violence to spread terror and create media impact. The triple murder changed everything. It gave these separatist and terrorist elements an opportunity for the first time to publicly display their anti-Pakistan activities. In a tribal society like that of the Pakistani Baloch, controlled by a handful of tribal bosses through intimidation, brutality and economic control, the majority succumbed to the terror.

But who murdered the three local politicians?

The following report is based on firsthand information of what transpired between April 4 and April 9, five days that give the clearest insight yet into the wider battle in and around Pakistan.


What is beyond doubt is that Mr. Solecki was kidnapped by terrorists trained and financed by Brahamdagh Bugti, a grandson of the late politician-turned-terrorist Akbar Bugti. [Mr. Bugti was a smalltime village thug who murdered his cousins and relatives, stole their lands and exiled them to other parts of Pakistan. He got lucky when huge reservoirs of natural gas were found in the lands under his forced control. Mr. Bugti received a fortune every year from the federal government as ‘royalty’ for selling the gas. For three decades, his village lived in abject poverty as Mr. Bugti refused to allow the government to build schools or allow the poor villagers to improve their lifestyles. Mr. Bugti spent the money on building and maintaining a small army, a chain of underground prisons and on defending himself against his numerous enemies. After the occupation of Afghanistan, it is believed that the Indians and the Americans sold him on the idea that he could launch a war for an independent country. He apparently received strong guarantees that he will be supported and protected by the United States and India in case of an angry Pakistani reaction, which encouraged him to go to extremes. An advanced insurgency infrastructure complete with printed material in Urdu and English, audio and video tapes and propaganda in local dialects was prepared inside Afghanistan and smuggled to Pakistan. Mr. Bugti launched the war in January 2005, with massive supply of weapons and money. He died almost two years later when his own cousins backed by the Pakistani government stormed into his stronghold and seized their lands and forced him to flee to the mountains.]

Brahamdagh was last sighted in Kabul. Indian intelligence agents posing as diplomats in the Afghan capital are some of his most frequent visitors. The Indian diplomacy and intelligence have been keen since 2002 on finding ways to drive a wedge between Washington and Islamabad. India’s diplomatic actions in this regard are well known but the British and the American media have been silent on growing evidence of Indian covert activities in Afghanistan under an American nod.

One of the earliest Indian actions in Afghanistan after 2002 included acting as a spoiler, poisoning the minds of U.S. military commanders on the ground regarding Pakistan. One of the most common tactics has been to identify and penetrate groups of Afghan resistance fighters and then indirectly goad them into attacking the Americans and leaving behind evidence pointing the finger at Pakistan. Similarly, there have been attacks inside Pakistan where evidence was left behind implicating U.S. intelligence operatives to mislead Pakistani investigators.


One line of thinking in the current Pakistani investigation into the murder of the three politicians is that there is a high probability that the Indians initially encouraged Brahamdagh to kidnap Solecki to add new tensions to the frail Pak-American relationship. That was the original plan. The U.S. media would jump on the story as another example of anti-Americanism in Pakistan and embarrass the Pakistani government and military. The upshot for Brahamdagh would be more international news coverage.

That was apparently the original plan. What Brahamdagh and his handlers did not expect is that the kidnapping would backfire and blow the cover of the terrorists and their links all the way inside Afghanistan.

Rich Akbar Bugti, poor people of his village
Immediately after Solecki’s kidnap, the Pakistani authorities wasted no time in reminding the Americans of the information that Pakistan shared at the highest levels with the United States in July 2008 about Indian activities inside Afghanistan. Adm. Mullen and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Stephen R. Kappes were shown irrefutable evidence on how the Indians were using Brahamdagh right under the nose of the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

In February 2009, after kidnapping Solecki, Brahamdagh’s men and his backers tried to create the impression that there are many separatist groups backing his cause. The first demand made by the kidnappers was to release Pakistani Baloch women detained by security forces. This turned out to be an outright lie. Prisons in the entire province and other parts of Pakistan were checked and it was confirmed there was not a single Pakistani Baloch woman in jail or detention. No one had registered any case of missing Pakistani Baloch women as the separatist propaganda from Afghanistan alleged. The elected provincial government of Balochistan, which is considered to be sympathetic to the separatist tribal chiefs including Brahamdagh, was allowed access to all parts of the Pakistani security establishment – civilian and military – to ascertain this fact. This proved a blessing in disguise. One of the most lethal propaganda tools exploited by Brahamdagh Bugti and his backers was proven false.

In the initial days after Solecki’s kidnapping, some of the Baloch tribal chieftains sympathetic to Brahamdagh and his grandfather [and equally corrupt and tyrannical like him] tried to mislead Washington and the U.N. against Pakistan by suggesting that Pakistani intelligence agencies were behind the kidnapping of Solecki.

But the Pakistani government moved quickly to turn the tables on the terrorists and their Afghan-based masters.

On Feb. 27, 2009, Frontier Corps Chief Maj. Gen. Saleem Nawaz told reporters in Quetta that all the four major separatist groups that release statements to the media don’t even exist. “Organizations like the Balochistan Liberation United Front, the Baloch Liberation Army, the Baloch Republican Party, and the Baloch Republican Army are one and the same. Brahamdagh Bugti is behind these organizations,” he said. “Brahamdagh is involved in a series of kidnappings, targeted killings, sabotage and attacks on forces and installations in different parts of the province.”

None of these groups existed before the Americans came to Afghanistan in 2001.
Terrorist Brahamdagh Bugti: An Indian asset working from US-controlled Afghanistan.
So the writing was clear on the wall for the Pakistanis, the United Nations and the United States that the Indians at some level were involved in kidnapping Mr. Solecki through Brahamdagh Bugti and their recruits inside Pakistan and that individuals based in U.S.-run Afghanistan issued the orders for the kidnap.

But did Pakistani intelligence agencies kill the three politicians who helped release Solecki?

Why The Three Were Killed

Terrorist Brahamdagh Bugti: An Indian asset working from US-run Afghanistan

The timeline here is very important:

  1. 4 April 2009: Mr. Solecki is released by the terrorists after receiving a huge payment worth several million dollars.
  1. 6-7 April 2009: Mr. Richard Holbrooke receives the biggest cold shoulder any senior U.S. official has received on Pakistani soil since 9/11.

  1. 9 April 2009: The mutilated bodies of the three politicians are found dumped in a public area.

Pakistani police, security and intelligence organizations are not beginners in their fields. Even if any one of them were to kill the three activists, no one would have dumped the bodies in full public view and certainly never after a high profile hostage negotiation involving the three murdered activists where they also interacted with U.N. and U.S. officials.

The truth is that the three murdered Pakistani Baloch politicians had become a political liability and a security risk for Brahamdagh Bugti and a threat to his entire infrastructure of terror inside Pakistan. The three had developed a good working relationship with Pakistani security officials during hostage negotiations. Brahamdagh and his handlers knew that the three were in direct contact with Pakistani security officials and could compromise the security of the terrorist activity and the routes of secret funding from across the border and the terrorist hideouts inside Pakistan.

Mounting evidence indicates that Brahamdagh or his handlers in Afghanistan ordered the elimination of the three Baloch politicians. The triple murder has clearly served the interest of the separatists-terrorists and their backers. The Pakistani state has been a net loser.


After Mr. Holbrooke’s failed visit to Pakistan on April 6 and 7, three things happened in fast succession.

One, Britain discovered a “very big” terrorist plot, as a British police officer described it, involving 12 Pakistani students. The British Prime Minister immediately telephoned President Zardari and threw his usual line about Pakistan needing to do more in the war against terror. The interesting part is that the Brits failed to offer any evidence to support the existence of the “very big” terrorist plot. Knowing that the charge won’t stick in the courts, London announced it was arbitrarily deporting the students.

At the same time, Indian prime minister made the startling announcement that the Afghan Taliban, who have never operated outside their country, were planning to bomb Indian elections. Again, no evidence whatsoever.

Pakistani officials smelled a rat in both of these statements coming from two close allies of the United States.

These statements, and the dramatic terrorism in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, came immediately after the dressing down that Mr. Holbrooke received in Pakistan.

Could there be an American connection to the disturbances in Balochistan in addition to the Indian connection? The answer, in my view, is yes. Balochistan has U.S. military bases dating back to 2001. Washington has been opposed to China constructing the Gwadar sea port in the province overlooking the Gulf oil supply lines. And CIA is using Pakistani Balochistan to infiltrate the Iranian province of Sistan-Balochistan and ignite a Sunni rebellion there against Iran’s religious Shia regime.

Within hours of the news that the bodies of the three Pakistani politicians were found near the Iran border, and while separatists and terrorists exploited the story to ignite violence and destroy public property, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad released a press statement that appeared to pour fuel on fire and give the impression that Pakistan was somehow responsible for killing its own three politicians. The statement was also a blatant interference in an internal Pakistani issue where the U.S. diplomats had no business sticking their noses.

Encouraged by this unexpected support from the U.S. Embassy, some of the opportunist tribal chiefs in Balochistan who are supporting terrorism were emboldened to demand a U.N. probe, scoring a cheap point against Pakistan and implying that the state was involved in the murders.


Feudal chiefs in Pakistan, whether in Balochistan or Punjab, Sindh, and NWFP, have traditionally been protégés of the British colonial rule. While there are bright exceptions of Pakistani nationalism by some of the feudal gentry, the majority damaged the interests of Pakistan over the longer run and has generally shown little commitment or a sense of nationalism and destiny with regards to the homeland.

For the short term, Pakistan needs to register murder cases against Brahamdagh Bugti and other terrorists. They should be charged of murdering the poor Pakistani Baloch driver who accompanied Mr. John Solecki’s. The driver was killed in cold blood by Brahamdagh’s terrorists.

The issue of Balochistan is part of a wider problem facing a failed Pakistani political system led by failed feudal politicians. This system needs to be changed and de-politicized to focus on economic development and providing opportunities to Pakistani citizens.

Ethnic-based provinces need to be abolished and existing districts converted into provinces with their own directly elected governors and local parliaments and development budgets. This way Pakistani politics will be localized and prevented from becoming a source of constant headache and destabilization for the state.

This change cannot come through democracy and requires a period of technocratic government backed by the military in the background and tasked with strictly executing a list of urgent political and administrative reforms.

The U.S. is clearly working against Pakistan’s vital security and economic interests in the region. Islamabad should declare Washington’s occupation of Afghanistan as illegal and advise the U.S. to desist from using Afghan soil to destabilize neighboring countries. Pakistan needs to immediately distance itself from the messy American agenda in Afghanistan that is fast turning Pakistan into a war zone. Islamabad should also confront the Americans and the Indians with the evidence that both are exporting terrorism into Pakistan and fostering insurgencies using the Afghan soil. Let the world know what the Americans and their Anglo-Indian poodles are doing in the region.

The Mossad in the CIA

November 2, 2009


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Mega-Mossad Agents inside American CIA on taxpayer funded salaries using no Social Security Numbers. Naming names and will be naming addresses of these spies funded by American Taxpayer money ! Your U.S. taxpayer funds used to destroy you and your country ! It might be of public interest to know that significant number of Israeli Mossad agents are now working in the United States as employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. These agents, some of whom are listed below, are initially paid by the Israeli Embassy in Washington but Israel then bills the U.S. Government for the salaries and is reimbursed in full on a monthly basis.
Here is a partial listing of identified Mossad agents (as of 1 January, 2007) along with their dates of birth and salaries. They do not have American Social Security numbers and do not pay American taxes.
January 3, 2007
by Nicole Bagley, from

It might be of public interest to know that a significant number of Israeli
Mossad agents are now working in the United States as employees of the
Central Intelligence Agency. These agents, some of whom are listed below,
are initially paid by the Israeli Embassy in Washington but Israel then bills
the U.S. Government for the salaries and is reimbursed in full on a monthly

Here is a partial listing of identified Mossad agents (as of 1 January, 2007)
along with their dates of birth and salaries. They do not have American Social
Security numbers and do not pay American taxes.

Gadi Regev 12/17/1975                                 $63,000  per annum
Betzalel Yanay 9/4/1978                                 $75,000      “
Eyal Artzel 5/27/1977                                 $ 87,000      “
Sharon Rotem 8/12/1977                                 $ 75,000      “
David Susi 1/9/1975                                  $90,000      “
Dana Sasson 8/10/1980                                  $70,000      “
Morin Biton 7/14/1980                                 $ 63,000      “
Gilad Lifschitz                  9/17/1978                                 $87,000       “
Maya Maimon 12/26/1978                                  $65,000      “
Marco Fernandez 4/13/1977                                  $54,000      “
Keren Touyz 8/20/1978                                 $75,000      “
Nofar Bahidi 21/2/79                                  $53,000      “
Michal Gal 8/10/1979                                 $92,000      “
Ophir Baer 11/11/1956                                 $102,000      “
Dilka Borenstein 3/15/1979                                  $ 67,000      “
Michael Calmanovic 9/6/75                                  $102,000     “

Most of these U.S.-subsidized spies live in Potomac, McLean, Georgetown and
Arlington. I have their addresses and these will be published in a follow-up

These are Israeli citizens but many of the middle level CIA officials are
American-born Jews and not included in this list but we do know who they
are. All of them, without exception, work for Israel and Israeli interests, not
American interests and more than a few are known to be friendly with a
number of the so-called Neocons, a significant number of whom are also
Israeli citizens.

Reprinted with kind permission from